Our Mission

At Thrive Biotech we are determined to provide a revolutionary product when it comes to the farming and agricultural industries. We hope to provide a more cost efficient way for farmers and other feed suppliers all over Australia to feed the cattle and livestock of our amazing country. Drought and floods happen all the time in some of the most rural parts of our country and so we’ve designed a system to operate on minimal water and be operational in all conditions, all year around. Our system is completely insulated and so is completely unaffected by changing weather conditions.

Our 40ft system or “EDS-40” is capable of producing 1450kg a day! The initial growth cycle is 6 days, but after that initial 6 days, you get 1450kg of fresh, green, nutritious fodder every day. We believe being able to produce such a large amount of fresh, green fodder in drought stricken, or flooded areas will be a huge benefit for our very important farmers and their cattle or livestock. We want to do the best we can to help our farmers and the farming industry to grow and prosper in the most efficient way possible.

Our system has been designed to be as easy to use as we could possibly make. Our instruction manual also carefully explains all the steps and procedures involved with getting the system setup and ready for operation. We have a large amount of information and reports that have been carefully calculated, tested and recorded by our fantastic team here at Thrive.

Our testing, documentation, recording and overall work involved in trying to ensure we can provide the best system we can to our customers and clients, has taken us years to produce. We find new and unique ways to improve our methods and system every day. We work around the clock to constantly improve our system and ensure our methods and procedures are as simple and easy as possible.