Fodder Units

What Are Fodder Units?

Fodder Units are Thrive Biotech’s all-in-one hydroponic pods that have been specially designed to cultivate grains into fresh, green feed, faster and cheaper than any traditional method, in any climate all year round. Our built-in system monitors the temperature, light, water and humidity of the unit 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure the conditions are optimal to grow your grains and cereals. It takes just 6 days to convert seeds to fodder and can grow up to 1450kgs/day.

Why Choose Our Fodder Units?

Portable, Deployable and Scalable – Our all-in-one container design makes our Fodder Units easy and quick to move and deploy as well as allowing you to easily scale as you grow.

Controlled Environment – Thrive Biotechs Fodder Units ensure environment conditions are optimal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year no matter what the conditions are outside allowing maximum yield from each harvest.

Insulated System – Maintains temperatures and reduce energy usage.

Water Filtering and Recirculation – A unique built-in water tank uses a mixture of multi-layer filters and UV lights to constantly filter, clean and reuse water. Great for drought-stricken areas.

New LED Technology – State of the art LED lighting promotes growth and photosynthesis for faster growth.

Labour Saving, Corrosion-Resistant Design – Quickly and easily harvest your fresh fodder from our adjustable and durable racking system.

Easy To Use

  • Deploy Fodder unit on flat ground, fill water tanks and connect power.
  • Lay the washed-cleaned and soaked seeds into the trays.
  • Load the trays into the system.
  • The Thrive Biotech computer will manage temperature, lighting, watering, and Ozone automatically.
  • Add a new layer of trays each day.
  • At the end of the 6 day cycle you can start feeding your livestock with fresh high in protein fodder every day.
  • Wash, clean and stack the empty trays ready for reuse.

System Specifications

  • Dimensions (m) W x L x H: 2.26 x 11.98 x 2.90
  • Daily Yield (kgs): 1250 – 1450
  • Daily Trays: 64 – 74
  • Total Trays: 384 – 448
  • Power Consumption: $328.50 per month
  • Water Consumption: 3000L / 2 months
  • Approx. Cost per harvest: $634.32 – $740.40